Check-in Procedures

STEP 1. Register or update User Portal

  • Provide or update your user information through the User Portal (this must be completed prior to arrival). Ensure that you have correctly listed your current institution. If a user agreement with your institution is not executed in advance, you will not be able to visit or participate in user experiments at LCLS.

  • If you are the Proposal Spokesperson or Lead Contact, ensure that you have listed all of your experiment team members on your proposal AND indicated who will participate in your experiment on-site, through remote access as well as who needs lab access or computer accounts.
  • Only the users listed as team members on the proposal will be given an ID badge and access to SLAC. All users must bring photo ID to SLAC for verification.

    • If not a US citizen, bring your passport, visa, and other original USCIS travel/immigration documents (including LPR card as appropriate) as SLAC Security is required to review and verify these before issuing an ID badge. NOTE: WT or B2 visas are prohibited for users participating in experiments.
    • There are additional requirements for foreign nationals from certain countries. SSRL hosts will be assigned and visits will be coordinated with DOE through the Foreign Access Central Tracking System (FACTS).
    • Advance approval is required for users who were born in, are citizens of, or have had affiliations with Iran, Sudan or Syria.
    • See the Foreign Nationals page on the VUE Center website »

STEP 2. Complete required training BEFORE you arrive

STEP 3. Reserve lodging if needed

STEP 4. Obtain ID badge and/or proximity access


  • Unless you were issued an ID after September 2015, upon your first visit to SLAC stop first at the VUE Center (Building 53 1st floor) to obtain an ID badge and/or proximity access. Your ID badge must be visible at all times during your visit and is required for entry at SLAC's automated gates.
    • Badges must be worn and visible at all times.
    • If you do not plan to return to SLAC, drop off your ID badge with URA or Security before you depart.
    • Dosimeters are only issued for users working with Radioactive Materials or in an Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA). Return issued dosimeters at the conclusion of your experiment.
    • Temporary Badges: Visitors who are not participating in user experiments may get a temporary badge from security if they have an escort with valid training for short tours, meetings or visits. Escorts must: 1) take full responsibility for the safety of their visitor, 2) go only to designated areas and 3) remain within 'visual contact' of their visitor at all times within the Accelerator area (visitors will only be permitted through SLAC security gates when accompanied by their escort). An RCA map is available at Security. Complete the SLAC Dosimeter / ID Request Form A and provide a photo ID. (e.g., drivers license, passport).

STEP 5:  Read SLAC Lightsource User Access Guidelines & complete agreement

STEP 6. New users need to complete LCLS safety orientation and hutch training

STEP 7. Complete lab safety training & orientation to use Sample Preparation Lab & Request Access to the ICL

STEP 8. Coordinate supplies & shipping

STEP 9. Be safe at all times

  • Exercise caution when driving, biking or walking at SLAC as construction projects are underway and many roads have limited lighting, signage or shoulders for emergency pull off. Remember to share the roads with other people, vehicles and animals, particularly dusk through dawn when visibility is reduced.

  • If you have any problems, need any assistance or observe any suspicious activity while at SLAC, contact Security at 650-926-2551. For EMERGENCIES, CALL 911 OR 5555.