Safety & Training


Each person who works at LCLS is required to be familiar with and identify in advance the hazards associated with his/her work, the hazards associated with work areas, and to properly implement all necessary procedures and protocols for mitigation of those hazards. Each person is required to observe all federal, state, local and SLAC/LCLS workplace safety regulations as well as Integrated Safety & Environmental Management System (ISEMS) and Work Planning and Control (WPC).

Proposal Safety Review

A series of safety related questions are incorporated into the proposal and beam time support request review process. Please answer these questions and provide additional information as appropriate. When appropriate, the LCLS Safety Office will contact you and coordinate specific training and controls to mitigate potential safety issues associated with your proposed experiment.

, LCLS Safety Officer, to discuss all safety issues related to user proposals or scheduled experiments.

Online Training

LCLS users must complete the following safety training courses online BEFORE arriving at SLAC to receive a new badge (or renewed proximity access on their current badge):

  1. Take the browser test to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements of our web training system. NOTE: Java is no longer required unless you are using Internet Explorer earlier than version 10.
  2. Go to the Web Training page on the SLAC Training Portal website.
  3. Click on the red "Manual Login" box to access the log-in page where you will enter your system ID # (found by searching for your name in the SLAC Phone Directory), and the password slac2005.
  4. After log-in, select the "Web Training Catalog" tab.
  5. Click on the "Users" folder and then select the following courses to complete:
  • Course 219 - ESH Safety Orientation (You must view every slide to receive course credit)
  • Course 115 - GERT (Passing the quiz with a score of at least 80% is required to receive course credit)
  • Course LCLS07 - LCLS Building Orientation (This course is in the "LCLS" folder)
  • Course CS100 - Cyber Security for Laboratory Users Training (for Users needing LCLS computer account and/or users participating in experiments via remote access)
  • Only for Users coming onsite to SLAC under the COVID-19 requirements, complete ESH Course 100R - COVID-19 Training

Roll over the course name and you will see a "Launch" link. Click this link to launch the course.

Please verify your training was recorded by clicking the 'My Progress' tab to the left of the picture on your SkillSoft home page.

Once you have completed the courses, print your certificates of completion! Take the certificates with you to get your badge. Credit for completing courses will be downloaded into the SLAC training database the following day.

Please notify if you encounter problems with required training.

Other Training

Additional training requirements may be identified for LCLS users who plan to perform particular types of hazardous work while they are at LCLS. Additional supplemental safety training courses may include Laser Worker Safety Training, Radiological Worker Training (RWT), Hutch 6 Non-Permit Confined Space Training, Sample Delivery TrainingSample Preparation Laboratory Training or other courses identified by the LCLS Safety Officer or assigned by the LCLS Experiment 'Point of Contact' .  If there are other courses needed, please ask your LCLS Experiment 'Point of Contact' to make arrangements for you.


Feedback is an important part of the Integrated Safety & Environmental Management System (ISEMS). Users are required to complete an end of run survey through the user portal after each scheduled experiment. The feedback provided by users will be used to address issues raised by users and to continually improve user resources and support. User feedback will be shared with LCLS safety office, management, staff, and scientific advisory committees.

Users are also encouraged to contact the LCLS Users' Organization Executive Committee to share their suggestions or concerns.