SLAC Access & Onboarding


Photo: The SLAC VUE (Visitors, Users, Employees) Center is located on the 1st floor of Building 53.

Visit the SUSB VUE (Visitors, Users, Employees) Center for badging and SLAC access.

Before traveling to SLAC, please complete these procedures.

  1. Register through the user portal to provide or update contact information.
  2. Alert us of all experimenters who will participate in scheduled experiments by listing everyone on proposals & beam time/support requests. Contact User Research Administration to add additional members to your research team.
  3. Alert colleagues about access changes. Foreign national users must bring original identification documents to verify citizenship and confirm that they have an appropriate visa before entering the US (for business purposes and not for tourism).

    * There are additional requirements for foreign nationals from certain countries (advance receipt of passport and business visa documents and coordination with a SLAC host may be needed).

    ** Advance approval is required for foreign nationals from Iran, Sudan or Syria.

    Please see new requirements for Foreign Nationals (non-U.S. Citizens)
    since 1 February, 2019 on the VUE Center website

  4. Complete all training before arrival and bring a hard copy of the training certificates.
  5. Review updated LCLS and SSRL user arrival & check-in procedures.
  6. Unless you were issued an ID after September 2015, stop first at the VUE Center obtain an ID badge and/or proximity access. Your ID badge must be visible at all times during your visit and is required for entry at SLAC's automated gates.

User proximity ID card access is generally valid for the current run year, which coincides with the Fiscal Year (e.g., valid through September 30, 2016).  User proximity ID cards or proximity access may deactivate earlier based on training or passport/visa expiration dates. Users on future scheduled experiments need to check-in annually.

The experimental areas at SSRL and LCLS are Controlled Areas which means that GERT training is required, but dosimeters are generally not required (except in limited situations). If you will be working with radioactive materials or have been informed by the Safety Officer that Radiation Worker training is needed, make arrangements to complete Rad Worker Training (both course and practical training) before arrival. Upon completion of RWT training, obtain a dosimeter from the VUE Center.

See Check-in Procedures » See the VUE Center FAQs