LCLS Instruments



Image: The LCLS Far Experimental Hall (left) and Near Experimental Hall (right).

LCLS features seven specialized instrument hutches, each with a dedicated team of scientists and support staff, to conduct pioneering research and assist users with experiments. Each hutch is equipped with a suite of instruments to assist in gathering a wide range of data using various specialized techniques, from telltale signatures of electrons and ions to the intricate patterns left by crystallized samples struck by the X-ray laser.

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Near Experimental Hall Hutches

Hutch 1.1 — TMO: Time-resolved AMO

Hutch 2.2 — chemRIXS/qRIXS


Hutch 1.3 — XPP: X-ray Pump Probe


Far Experimental Hall Hutches (Hard X-ray)

Hutch 4 — XCS: X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy


Hutch 4.5 — MFX: Macromolecular Femtosecond Crystallography


Hutch 5 — CXI: Coherent X-ray Imaging


Hutch 6 — MEC: Matter in Extreme Conditions

  See the LCLS Instrument Maps


LCLS-II Instruments (L2SI)

LCLS-II will be a transformative tool for energy science, qualitatively changing the way that X-ray imaging, scattering and spectroscopy can be used to study how natural and artificial systems function. It will enable new ways to capture rare chemical events, characterize fluctuating heterogeneous complexes, and reveal quantum phenomena in matter, using nonlinear, multidimensional and coherent X-ray techniques that are possible only with X-ray lasers. This facility will operate in a soft X-ray range (250 eV to 1.5 keV), and will use seeding technologies to provide fully coherent X-rays in a uniformly spaced series of pulses with programmable repetition rate and rapidly tunable photon energies.