XPP - X-ray Pump Probe


At the X-ray pump-probe (XPP) instrument predominantly uses ultrashort optical laser pulses to generate transient states of matter which are subsequently probed by hard X-ray pulses from the LCLS. The X-ray pulses help to reveal structural dynamics initiated by the laser excitation at the timescale of atomic motions in solid, liquid and gaseous specimens. 

The instrument design emphasizes versatility. To maximize the range of phenomena that can be excited and studied, the laser pulse energy, frequency, and temporal profile can be matched to the scientific problem. X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy, diffraction and scattering are typical tools for probing the laser-induced structural changes. These experiments require the union of four experimental capacities: the generation and delivery of X-ray and laser pulses to the sample, the preparation of the excited state in the sample, and the detection of the X-ray signal.

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Near Experimental Hall (NEH), Hutch 3

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A flyover view of the XPP instrument.

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