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To gain access to SLAC, all users must be registered on the LCLS/SSRL user portal and be listed on a scheduled experiment (this will alert Security and the VUE Center). Please coordinate other meetings or visits with your LCLS Instrument staff or contact the URA office for assistance.

Latest Proposal Schedule

Run Cycle Proposal Type Proposal Deadline Cycle Begins Cycle Ends
17 Regular - AMO, CXI, MEC, MFX, SXR, XCS, XPP Feb 08, 2018
4 pm PST
Sep 2018 Dec 2018
17 Data Set Collection (DSC) - CXI, MFX Mar 02, 2018
4 pm PST
Sep 2018 Dec 2018

  LCLS proposals are submitted through the User Portal.

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Quick Start Guide for New LCLS Users

1. Become a User at LCLS

2. Before Arriving at SLAC

3. Working at LCLS

4. After Beam Time