AMO Physics (AMO)

AMOS Department Group

The Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences department is part of the LCLS Science, Research, and Development (SRD) division of LCLS. We perform research and support user experiments at the LCLS. The department has a diverse scientific interest ranging from the dynamics of electrons on the attosecond scale to gas-phase photochemistry to the dyanmics of nano-scale systems. We also work on advanced methodologies: developing new techniques and spectroscopies, along with advanced analysis methods. 

Please feel free to reach out to the department head James Cryan, if you have any questions. We are interested in discussing your ideas for future experiment at LCLS or in collaborations on joint projects.


AMOS Department in the News

Researchers use attosecond X-ray pulses to track electron motion in a highly excited quantum state of matter

January 27, 2022


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September 7, 2021


Attosecond pulses reveal electronic ripples in molecules

September 11, 2020


SLAC scientists invent a way to see attosecond electron motions with an X-ray laser

December 2, 2019