LCLS-II Meetings & Reports


Report of the BESAC Subcommittee on Future X-ray Light Sources

In January 2013, the Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (BESAC) met to assess scientific challenges that could be best explored with current and especially future light sources and to describe performance specifications of those future light sources. The resulting report provides a strong endorsement of the science that could be addressed by X-ray free-electron lasers, noting that:

“…an exciting window of opportunity exists for the U.S. to provide a revolutionary advance in X-ray science by developing and constructing an unprecedented X-ray light source. This new light source should provide high repetition rate, ultra-bright, transform limited, femtosecond X-ray pulses over a broad photon energy range with full spatial and temporal coherence.”

LCLS-II represents just such an advance in X-ray laser technology, and promises to be a transformative tool for energy science.


LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops

In February 2015 the LCLS team organized a series of workshops to define a representative suite of scientific opportunities enabled by LCLS-II, and refine the technical requirements to ensure maximum impact during early operations and into the future. The results of these workshops will feed directly in to the science strategy for LCLS, and will help guide the design, commissioning and ultimate operation of the upgraded facility, as well as informing the R&D roadmap for instrumentation and machine performance.