TXI, the NEH 1.2 instrument, will be configured to operate on both the soft X-ray undulator (SXU) and the hard X-ray undulator (HXU) sources with the following configuration requirements:

  • Fixed X-ray beam trajectories

  • Ability to focus the two sources simultaneously into a single micron diameter interaction point where the experimental endstation will be positioned.

  • Ability to efficiently change experimental endstations.

X-ray Requirements

  • Focusing: KB mirrors with 2 stripes (Nickel and Boron Carbide)

    • 1.5 μm in vertical
    • 0.8 μm in horizontal
    • KB's can be removed for unfocused operation or Zone plate operation
  • Photon Energy Range:

    • Soft X-ray Undulator Branch Line

      • 250 eV to 5 keV
      • Harmonic Rejection between 1.4 and 5 keV
    • Hard X-ray Branch Line

      • 1 keV to 7 keV
      • Harmonic Rejection between 2.2 and 7 keV
  • Allows both copper and superconducting accelerator operations

  • Allows simultaneous undulator operations for X-ray pump and X-ray probe operations

  • Beamline transmission 60 to 90% depending on operation mode

  • Repetition rate: up to 929 kHz (including 120 Hz Cu operations)