NEH 2.2 beamline will have two separate instruments with the fixed X-ray beam positions – LJE and RIXS. The beamline monochromator will be placed in the Front End Enclosure (FEE). In the hutch the RIXS endstation will be situated upstream, while the LJE endstation will be located downstream. A common set of bendable KB focusing optics will be used. Individual laser tables optimized for the beam conditioning and delivery of beams with particular parameters will be employed for each endstation.

NEH 2.2 Beamline

RIXS Instrument

The RIXS Instrument, schematically shown below is comprised of a Sample Chamber and its support system, the Spectrometer Arm containing the Parabolic Mirror Chamber, Grating Chamber and the Detector Assembly with polarization analysis, and laser and X-ray interfaces. The overall length of the Spectrometer Arm is ∼6 m, measured from the sample location to the back of the 2D detector. Currently this is limited by the available space.

RIXS instrument schematic

LJE Instrument

The LJE Instrument shown below consists of a Sample Chamber optimized for the delivery of a wide variety of liquid jets. The primary experimental method is X-ray emission, achieved with the help of a grating and transition-edge sensor spectrometers.

LJE Instrument