Sample Delivery User’s Lab

Injector Characterization Lab

Setup and Test Space

Located midpoint between the Near and Far experimental halls, the Sample Delivery User's Lab serves as a setup area, a testing and training space, and as the stockroom for sample delivery components and hardware. A brief training session is required after which 24/7 badge access is granted. Specific equipment or bench space can be reserved in advance (please contact Area Manager ). Otherwise unreserved space is open to anyone with badge access.


FEL Simulator

FEL Simulator

The FEL Simulator, an all-optical endstation that mimics aspects of an LCLS hutch sample environment. Located in the Sample Delivery User's Lab, the FEL Simulator consists of a large high-vacuum chamber, coupled to multiple laser sources piped in from the adjacent Research Laser Lab (RLL). It is designed to accommodate most sample delivery tools, including a state-of-the-art aerosol injector recently purchased by LCLS. The laser of choice will be tightly focused in the center of the chamber where it will interact with the sample. Diagnostics include a time-of-flight detector for analyzing the remnants of photoionized sample, as well as high-speed cameras and optical detectors for capturing scattered photons and images of jet breakup etc. Controls will be implemented through EPICS and will be identical to those used during real experiments. The FEL Simulator will be able to accommodate crossed molecular beams which, coupled with ion detection, will be invaluable for optimizing conditions in the dynamic molecular reaction microscope highlighted for LCLS II.

Rendering of the FEL Simulator chamber

Injector Testing stations

LCLS Injector Characterization Lab

There are two, small, test stations to test in vacuum injectors such as GDVN or LCP. Each station consist of a rough-pumped, windowed KF40 chamber, with a zoom 7.5x to 30x microscope, liquid flow meter, and manually controlled self relieving regulators. Nitrogen and helium are normally provided and other gases may be provided with advance request.


High Vacuum Test Chamber

A versatile high vacuum chamber is available for testing sample injection. This chamber is currently pumped by a 600 L/S turbo.

High Vacuum Test Chamber