SXR Components

SXR Components

A comprehensive overview of the SXR instrument is published in
Review of Scientific Instrument, 83, 043107 (2012).

The optical design and monochromator performance are published in
Review of Scientific Instruments, 82, 093104 (2011).

Transmission Sample System

SXR Transmission Sample System

The transmission sample system (TSS) may be used to introduce transmission samples upstream of the monochromator. It is used for calibrating the wavelength selection of the monochromator but is also available to users for experiments. As shown, the TSS has a single manipulator attached for sample insertion. The TSS can be used to measure the pulse arrival time by measuring the X-ray to optical cross correlation.


Plane Grating Monochromator

SXR Plane Grating Monochromator

The PGM system integrates a four jaw entrance aperture, two gratings located in the AMO hutch. The exit slit is in the SXR Hutch. The monochomator system was designed and fabricated by BesTec in Berlin Germany.


Gas Monitor Detector

SXR Gas Monitor Detector

The gas monitor detector is located after the exit slit for the monochromator and can provide shot to shot measurements of the number of photons in each pulse from 5 μJ to 5 mJ with 4-6% absolute uncertainty. The detection system uses rare gas ionization and was developed at DESY.


Focusing Optics

SXR Focusing Optics

Two elliptically bent mirrors will be used to image the FEL beam into the experimental chamber. Dynamically bent mirrors can be adjusted to focus the beam into an arbitrary position in the endstation to effectively change the focal spot on the sample, depending upon the experimental requirements.


SXR Videos

A flyover view of the SXR instrument.

Download animation (right click and save link as):

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For more SXR related videos, see the LCLS SXR playlist on YouTube.