AMO Specifications

AMO Specifications

AMO Scientific Capabilities

Scientific Application Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science with ultrafast and ultraintense X-rays at the LCLS
  • Electron time-of-flight spectroscopy
  • Ion time-of-flight spectroscopy
  • Ion imaging
  • Ion momentum spectroscopy
  • X-ray scattering
Sample Environment
  • A variety of pulsed and continuous gas, liquid and particle injectors
  • Pulsed Proch-Trickl, Even-Lavie or Parker gas valves with heating and cooling options
  • Single or double skimmer chambers for gas beams
  • Motorized XYZ paddle for solid samples
  • Liquid jet for biological samples
  • Aerosol jet of particulate samples

Photon Beam Properties

Focusing Capability Elliptically bent Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors
Beam Size at Sample ≥ 1 µm at interaction region
Energy Range 480-2000 eV
Energy Resolution ΔE/E ~0.5-1% (inherent FEL Bandwidth)
(No monochromator)
Photon Flux ≤ 1 x 1013 photons/pulse
Pulse Duration ~5-300 fs
Repetition Rate 10, 30, 60 or 120 Hz
Polarization Linear in normal operation. Circular polarization with DELTA undulator possible with >1011 photons/pulse. Please contact a beamline scientist for details.​
Self-Seeding Available between 500-1000 eV, with λ/Δλ > 5000 and pulse energy up to 100 μJ. Please contact a beamline scientist for details.
Two-Pulse Modes Possible two-pulse modes are described here. Please contact the beamline scientist for details.

Optical Laser Properties

Sample Configurations Pre-Mono Transmission Sample Chamber Endstation
Laser Power 20 mJ at 800 nm 20 mJ at 800 nm
25 mJ at 800 nm (uncompressed) 25 mJ at 800 nm (uncompressed)
4-5 mJ at 400 nm 4-5 mJ at 400 nm
1 mJ at 266 nm 1 mJ at 266 nm
~100 µJ at 4-10 microns
(~70 µJ for longer wavelengths and ~120 µJ for shorter)
~ 50 µJ at 10-17 microns
(~ 40 µJ for longer wavelengths and ~ 70 µJ for shorter)
~ 15 µJ at 75-1500 microns (4 to 0.2 THz)
Using LiNbO3 and DAST we have measured energies up to 30 µJ for 0.6 THz peak field and 5 µJ for 2 THz peak fields, but note these are still being developed.
Laser Pulse Width 35-150 fs at 800 nm 35-150 fs at 800 nm
150 ps at 800 nm (uncompressed) 150 ps at 800 nm (uncompressed)
50-100 fs at 400 nm 50-100 fs at 400 nm
50-100 fs at 266 nm 50-100 fs at 266 nm
 NA 100-200 fs at 4-10 microns
 NA 100-200 fs at 10-17 microns
 NA  ~ 1 ps at 75-1500 microns (4 to 0.2 THz)
Focusing Capability 1 mm (1/e2) 50 µm (1/e2)

Approximate Laser System Pulse Energies with Wavelength

AMO Laser Numbers


Fast Shutter A fast shutter to quickly turn on or off the beam or to select individual LCLS X-ray pulses. Closes or opens in <8 ms. The fast shutter is up stream of the first experimental position.
Alignment Laser (Planned) A class II alignment laser beam coaxial with the FEL beam at the Endstation Position, to facilitate the positioning of samples in the FEL beam.
4 Jaw Slit 4 independently controlled B4C slit blades can be used to shape the beam upstream of the KB optics
Magnetic Bottle Electron Spectrometer Measures the photon energy and bandwidth of the X-rays with a high effeciency electron spectrometer
Pulse Energy Monitor Measures the energy of each pulse
Beam Screens Measures position and size of beam in the far field