June 10, 2024

Letter of Interest for LCLS MeV-UED Liquid Phase Early Science Program, Due 22 June 2024

LCLS MeV-UED Liquid Phase Early Science Program Letter of Interest

Due: Saturday, June 22, 2024, 4pm (PDT)


Dear LCLS user community,

The LCLS MeV-UED team is continuing to develop and commission new capabilities. One such capability being developed is the MeV-UED liquid phase instrument. In August and September of 2024 there will be a further effort of technical commissioning, R&D, and ‘Early Science’ using this new instrument with the aim to develop it towards future user operations.

The ‘Early Science’ portion of this program is intended to be a set of pilot experiments (2-4) that bridge between technical commissioning and regular user operations. This effort will be organized and led by LCLS staff (from the MeV-UED team), but fully open to participation by interested members of the user community. If you are interested in participating in the liquid phase Early Science program at MeV-UED (or for further information) please send a brief letter of interest by Saturday, June 22, 20244pm (PDT) to: 

Alexander Reid (alexhmr@slac.stanford.edu) 
LCLS MeV-UED Facility Director

With your letter of interest, we also welcome ideas and suggestions for Early Science experiments. Please note that all suggestions for Early Science experiments will be discussed and shared within the group of participants, the selection of ideas will be guided by the community of participants, and data will be available to the participants. The discussions about Early Science will take place in a series of meetings beginning in late June 2024. 

Letters of interest are due by Saturday, June 22, 2024, 4pm (PDT). The letter need only contain an affirmation of your interest in the early science program, whether or not you would like to propose an idea for early science and if you do, a sharable title of your idea.

Further details of the parameters that will be available for the early science effort are available here: 
MeV-UED Proposals | Linac Coherent Light Source


Many thanks,

Alexander Reid
Director, LCLS MeV-UED 

Mike Dunne
Director, LCLS