March 2, 2024

SLAC Power Outage (02 March 2024)

SLAC Emergency Alert

02 March 2024 7:58am (updated 04 March 2024 11:15am)

SLAC Emergency Alert

Just after midnight on 02 March 2024, the SLAC site lost power. The cause of the outage impacting the primary 230kV power line is being investigated by PG&E.

Power supply to the SLAC site via the backup 60kV power line was restored by approximately 7:00am, with 230kV power restored on 04 March 2024. Teams will be working over the next few days to restart our major accelerator operations (SSRL, FACET-II and LCLS).

LCLS staff will contact user groups whose experiments are impacted by this outage with further information as soon as possible.