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LCLS User with instrument

LCLS will begin operation in the second half of 2009, with one operational instrument. Additional instruments will be added according to this tentative schedule (see Instruments of LCLS for a description of the instruments):

Instrument Start Commissioning
AMO July 2009
SXR March 2010
XPP July 2010
CXI December 2010
XCS June 2011
HED 2012

Calls for proposals will be solicited twice per year. A successful proposal can expect to receive beam time about 12 months after being submitted. Visit the LCLS Proposal Site for detailed instructions on submitting a proposal.

The next LCLS call for proposals is expected in fall 2009, with a closing date around October 1, 2009. LCLS will be accepting proposals for the AMO, SXR, and XPP instruments, for experiments which will take place in summer-fall 2010.

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