SPL Training - Course 204

Who Should Attend

This course is mandatory for:

  • SLAC employees and non-employees who need unescorted access to LCLS Sample Preparation Laboratories

Note: This course may be taken in lieu of Course 199, Laboratory CHP training for SLAC employees.


Take Training

  • Please see the notes section below for information on how to take this training.

Course Details

Length 1 Hour
Retraining Every 12 months
Training Method Other
Contact Christopher Kupitz (to schedule this training at LCLS)
Email: ckupitz@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
  • Completing LCLS Safety Orientation Training is required before taking this course.
  • LCLS Safety Orientation training may be arranged by contacting the LCLS Floor Coordinators (x6267).
  • Annual recertification is required.
Activity Restrictions Training must be completed before workers are granted unescorted access to laboratories or released to perform work with hazardous materials. Recertification must remain current.

Course Objectives

  • At the completion of this training, personnel will be able to:
  • Identify Sample Preparation Laboratory (SPL) contacts
  • Locate information, forms, and online resources specific to the SPLs.
  • Comply with SPL access and work planning and control policies.
  • Understand the responsibilities associated with working in the SPLs.
  • Locate available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and understand PPE requirements.
  • Comply with chemical use policies, including reporting, safety review, and Standard Operating Procedure components.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the NFPA chemical hazard system.
  • Demonstrate use of the chemical storage system.
  • Comply with chemical labeling requirements.
  • Demonstrate use of appropriate hazardous waste protocols, including containment, labeling, and segregation.
  • Locate and understand guidelines for emergency safety equipment.
  • State protocols for emergency and incident notification, including chemical exposure, chemical release, and other life-threatening or non-life threatening situations.

Course Content

The Sample Preparation Laboratory Training program orients users and employees to policies and offerings of the Sample Preparation Laboratories. Participants are informed about available PPE, chemical requirements and availability, equipment and supply availability, waste disposal, sharps disposal, and emergency protocols.

Laboratory training is required for access to the SSRL and LCLS Sample Preparation Laboratories; refresher training is required annually.

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