Sample Preparation Laboratories (SPL)

LCLS Sample Preparation Laboratory (SPL)

There are two LCLS Sample Preparation Laboratories (SPLs). The Far Experimental Hall (FEH) wetland (image above right) is a small general use lab located in Rm 109 of the FEH servicing the MEC, CXI, MFX, and XCS hutches.  The Near Experimental Hall (NEH) wet lab (image above left) is a small general use lab located in Rm 112 of the NEH servicing the AMO, SXR, and XPP hutches.  Both labs are located conveniently close to their respective beam lines in order to facilitate final stage sample preparations immediately prior to and during the beamtime. Space is limited in both labs, so certain experimental activities may be limited, and all access must be schedule in advance.  Lab bench spaces are typically assigned for 2 days prior to 2 days after the experiment, and multiple User groups may be using the space at the same time.  Lab training is required for access, for specifics see the SPL access tab on the left. 

Access & Training

Far Experimental Hall

Photo: One of the Sample Preparation Laboratories is located in Rm 109 of the Far Experimental Hall (FEH).

Further information can be found in the tabs on the left hand side of this page including, how to gain access to the labs, the chemical/equipment resources available in the labs, how to handle laboratory waste, and other necessary resources for  the use of the SPLs

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