SED Support & Training

Support & Training

Beamtime Support

SED staff are available to perform and/or assist with sample delivery activities during beamtime but support requests must be received early in the experiment planning process. Depending on the level of difficulty and duration of the experiment we can support some or all of the scheduled beamtime. For example, Protein Crystal Screening, PCS, experiments are often short duration and high-difficulty experiments. In this case SED staff may be present for the entire PCS shift if requested. Recirculating liquid jet spectroscopy, by comparison, typically is fairly easy to operate and runs for 5 shifts. In this case, SED staff will setup the equipment and stay with the user group until they are confident that they can operate without assistance.

Safety Training and Access

Please contact for safety training and access.

User Equipment Training

It is advisable to do some offline training with sample delivery equipment in advance of your experiment. SED provides workspace and equipment for users to practice using the same sample delivery equipment that will be used during the experiment. Please contact to arrange training.

Feasibility Checks

Feasibility is an important consideration in the proposal review process. We encourage you to bring us your feasibility questions as far as possible in advance of submitting a proposal. If the feasibility of an experiment is cannot be definitely determined after consulting SED, nearly any SED equipment can be made available for offline tests.