Modes of Access

Latest Proposal Schedule

Mode of Access Run Cycle Proposal Call Status Deadline Cycle Begins Cycle Ends
Regular User Proposal LCLS 22  Submit Proposals via User Portal. 28 Mar 2023 Sep 2023 Apr 2024
Protein Crystal Screening (PCS) LCLS 22 Proposal Call coming soon. 28 Apr 2023 Sep 2023 Apr 2024
MeV-UED Regular User Proposal UED 4 Experiments scheduled   Oct 2022 Jun 2023
Scientific Campaign Ongoing Experiments scheduled   Jan 2022 Jun 2022
Rapid Access Run 21   Contact for details

Proposals are submitted through the User Portal.

  Calls For Proposals are posted on the LCLS Annoucements, and e-mailed to the LCLS User Organization e-mail list (subscribe to lclsuo).