SLAC Site Access for Users - COVID-19 Protocols

SLAC has adjusted its COVID safety protocols to align with the latest Cal/OSHA, CDC, and DOE guidance. All users will need to complete mandatory training prior to access to SLAC, including updated COVID protocol training. Personnel accessing the SLAC site must also fill out a ‘Health Check’ questionnaire using an online process (either a single submission with proof of vaccination or daily submission if unvaccinated/decline to state vaccination status).

Please be aware that there may be modifications as conditions and circumstances change, so always consult with your experiment Point of Contact and the LCLS User Office prior to arranging any travel or if you have questions about current site access conditions.

At a Glance: COVID-19 Safety Protocols On Site (updated 28 July 2021)



SLAC has reinstated the COVID safety protocol requiring face coverings in all indoor areas (including vehicles), regardless of vaccination status, effective July 29. Exceptions include:

  • When working alone in an enclosed office or space that others will not be using with the door closed.
  • When eating/drinking indoors, face coverings may be intermittently removed as long as you are at least six feet from another individual.  

Fully vaccinated individuals may elect to voluntarily use face coverings. COVID-19 Return to the SLAC Site requirements will apply for users traveling from outside California (see Table 1 below). COVID-19 testing is available at SLAC.

To be counted as fully vaccinated, you need to have had a vaccine recognized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO), with the final dose administered at least 2 weeks prior to access to SLAC. Proof of vaccination needs to be shown to the Security Badging Office prior to starting work.


Non-vaccinated, second dose of a 2-series vaccine pending, or Decline to state status

Users who are not vaccinated may still be at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, so many of our current COVID safety protocols will remain in place to ensure their continued safety. For those who are not fully vaccinated, or decline to state their status, additional COVID-19 Protocol Matrix requirements will apply, including face coverings and physical distancing.

Individuals do not need to self-isolate or test prior to coming onsite. Work will be limited to Levels 1 & 2 until either a negative test is obtained 5 days or more after arrival in CA, or a 10-day waiting period is completed with no symptoms. Levels 3 & 4 work can proceed afterward, subject to approval by the local Area Manager. COVID-19 testing is recommended for individuals from domestic locations for Levels 1 & 2 work; COVID-19 testing is required for individuals from an international location for Level 1 - 4 work (refer to Table 1 below). SLAC will provide weekly testing and N95 face coverings as required.

Unvaccinated users who are unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions and/or disabilities should work with the SLAC Occupational Health Center to request an accommodation.

Respecting each other’s personal circumstances

Please keep in mind that many people in our community, even those who are vaccinated, may choose to continue wearing face coverings. Some may be taking extra precautions for family members at home, while others may be more comfortable adjusting gradually. We should expect and respect these sorts of decisions.

Table 1: Return to the SLAC Site from Outside of California

Return to SLAC Site - Onsite Work (June 2021)


- Working on site during COVID-19 Pandemic
- Clean-As-You-Go Recommendations
- Face Covering Guidelines / Requirements
- COVID-19 Protocol Matrix for Non-vaccinated personnel

Please liaise with your SLAC Point of Contact for further information on the Health & Safety Protocols specific to your experiment.