MeV-UED Virtual Town Hall, September 11, 2019

By pjones
September 11, 2019

Wednesday September 11, 2019 - 9:00am (PDT)

LCLS hosted a virtual “Town Hall” meeting to inform the user community about the latest technical developments at MeV-UED. This interactive webinar included a series of short talks by facility staff, followed by an open Q&A session. The whole community was invited to participate, and attendees were able to submit questions at any time during the talks or Q&A session.

Please find below a recording of the webinar, the slides that were presented, and a summary of the Q&A session.

Topic Presenter
Introduction & Proposal Review Process Mike Minitti
MeV-UED Science Delivery Lead
MeV-UED Instrument Updates & Overview of Electron Beam Capabilities Xijie Wang
Director, MeV-UED
Gas Phase - New Instrument Overview Ming-Fu Lin
MeV-UED Instrument Scientist
Considerations for a Successful Gas Phase Experiment at MeV-UED Jie Yang
MeV-UED Instrument Scientist
MeV-UED Optical Laser Updates and Overview for Run 2 Michael Kozina
MeV-UED Laser Scientist
Q&A Transcript (coming soon) MeV-UED Facility Staff