LCLS Virtual Town Hall on Run 21 Regular Proposals

By pjones
February 1, 2022

On Thursday, 03 March 2022, LCLS hosted a virtual “Town Hall” meeting to inform the user community about the latest technical developments at LCLS. This meeting was open to all, with anyone who is considering submitting a proposal for Run 21 (proposal submission deadline March 30, 2022) or learning more about LCLS invited to attend. The interactive webinar includes a series of short talks by LCLS staff, with interactive Q&A throughout and open questions at the end of the session. The whole community is invited to participate, and LCLS encourages scientists from diverse fields and backgrounds to propose experiments utilizing the facility’s capabilities. New users are particularly welcome.

>> LCLS call for Regular Proposals for period: September 2022 – May 2023 (Run 21)

Agenda, Slides, Recording

Time Topic Presenter
Plenary Session - Download slides
8:00 am Introduction & Facility Update Mike Dunne
Director, LCLS
8:02 am User Executive Committee Update Elisa Biasin
8:05 am Hard X-ray Capabilities Axel Brachmann
Accelerator Dept. Head
8:08 am Superconducting Beam Capabilities Plan and Timeframe Axel Brachmann
Accelerator Dept. Head
8:14 am Early Science Approach and How to get Involved James Cryan, Apurva Mehta, Thomas Wolf
AMO Science, Material Science, Chemical Science Dept. Heads
8:24 am Current laser capabilities and high rep rate plans Joe Robinson
Laser Dept. Head
8:29 am Data systems in the high rep rate world Jana Thayer
Data Systems Dept. Head
Breakouts with details of standard configurations - Click on session title to download slides
8:34 am Session 1

Mehta, Chollet, Dakovski, Zhu


Hunter, Sierra, Batyuk


Wolf, Liang

8:46 am Session 2


  Kunnus, Alonso-Mori, Chollet, Sierra, Wolf
8:58 am Q&A