LCLS Call for Protein Crystal Screening Proposals for Run 18, Deadline October 1, 2019

By achan
September 19, 2019


The LCLS Protein Crystal Screening (PCS) program aims to enable increased access to LCLS beamtime for biological structure determination by making use of short, 6-12 hour runs to screen the quality of differentsample preparations or potentially collect a full data set under good running conditions. To enable measurements within such a short time frame and maximize efficiency and the chances of success, these studies must be carried out with limited instrumentationflexibility to minimize the time impact of setup changes. The following configurations are expected to be supported for PCS in this current call for proposals: Gas Dynamic Virtual Nozzle (GDVN), Dual Flow Focusing Nozzles (DFFN), Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP)jets as well as the Microfluidic Electrokinetic Sample Holder (MESH). Other liquid jet systems supplied by user groups compatible with the basic CXI system could also be considered if the schedule allows it and at the discretion of LCLS. Furthermore, atmosphericpressure measurements using various fixed target or liquid jets systems at MFX are expected to be available. Measurements using other demonstrated atmospheric pressure sample delivery techniques could be considered if the schedule allows it and at the discretionof LCLS. Schedule constraints are unpredictable and no guarantees can be made that any of the mentioned experimental setups will be available for PCS in any given run. LCLS is seeking proposals for PCS beamtime to be awarded during LCLS Run 18, expected to be scheduled between March 2020 and December 2020.

Detailed PCS Proposal Guidelines can be found at Protein Crystal Screening (PCS) Proposals.

Please contact Mark Hunter ( additional information and guidance.

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