LCLS Call for Proposals for Run 22

By pjones
March 24, 2023

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 4:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 04 April 2023

Call for Proposals - Run 22

This call is for experiments to run from January 2024 through June 2024

(1) DEADLINE EXTENSION: Due to recent power outages across the Bay Area, including at SLAC, we have been unable to offer access to some data services and there has been limited staff availability to help with proposal preparation. All systems are now back online, but in recognition of the impact these outages may have had, the deadline for Run 22 proposals has been extended by one week, with a new deadline of 16:00 PDT, April 4th, 2023.

(2) DATA SET COLLECTION PROPOSALS: We are very excited to remind everyone of the Data Set Collection (DSC) program at LCLS. This program is for short experiments (1 to 2 shifts) that require a 2-page proposal in pdf format. DSC experiments must be able to make use of a Run 22 standard configuration. DSC proposals by their nature should be limited in scope and simple to schedule. Please engage one of our Instrument Scientists who can help advise.

DSC FORMS: To improve the likelihood of success for your DSC proposal, we are piloting a templated form to help ensure there is a good match to an available configuration.  These forms are in a trial phase, targeting three science areas:

 - Biology

 - Materials Science

 - Solution Phase Chemistry / Biochemistry

If these prove useful to our user community and our peer-review panels then we will expand these forms to encompass more areas of scientific interest.

If you have any questions, please reach out to an LCLS Instrument Scientist.

And as always, we welcome and encourage submissions from new user groups!

>> For full details of the call, please visit:

>> For further details on the DSC Program please visit:


LCLS Run 22 Virtual Town Hall

On Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, LCLS hosted a virtual “Town Hall” meeting to inform the user community about the latest technical developments at LCLS.

Presentations and Recordings

Topic Presenter

Plenary Session - Slides & Zoom Recording >>

Current LCLS Status & Plans Mike Dunne
Director, LCLS
User Executive Committee Update Nicholas Hartley
LCLS UEC Vice Chair
Accelerator Plans for Run 22 Axel Brachmann / Tim Maxwell
Accelerator Dept. Head
TMO including lasers available James Cryan
AMO Science Dept. Head
ChemRIXS including lasers available Georgi Dakovski
ChemRIXS Instrument Lead
Hard X-ray instrument very brief overview (introduce breakouts)
Summary of multi/split pulse capabilities
Diling Zhu
XPP Instrument Lead
Data systems Jana Thayer
Data Systems Dept. Head
Breakout Sessions by Instrument
Session 1

James Cryan

Eric Galtier

Leland Gee

Georgi Dakovski

Matthieu Chollet

Session 2

Georgi Dakovski

Meng Liang

Takahiro Sato