The MEC Upgrade (MEC-U) project will build a new major laser facility at LCLS, built on the success of the Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) instrument. This laser facility will significantly increase the power of the high intensity laser system to the petawatt class, increase the energy of the shock-driver laser to hundreds of Joules, and expand the capabilities of the MEC instrument to support groundbreaking experiments enabled by the combination of high power lasers with the world’s brightest X-ray source.​

The MEC Petawatt Upgrade facility will be located in a new, dedicated underground cavern allowing two state-of-the-art laser systems to be combined with LCLS, with two experimental areas dedicated to the study of matter in extreme conditions. ​

Details are available in the report: MEC-U Conceptual Design Report (SLAC-R-1152 or https://doi.org/10.2172/1866100).

Project timeline:​

CD-0 Approved on January 4, 2019​

CD-1 Approved on October 4, 2021​

MEC-U Layout

The MEC-U project is sponsored by the Office of Science for Fusion Energy Sciences (FES).