LCLS Users' Organization

The LCLS Users' Organization (LCLS UO) provides an organized framework and independent vehicle for interaction between the scientists who are interested in using the Linac Coherent Light Source (the users) and LCLS/SLAC Management. The LCLS UO is broadly concerned with representing the interests of the LCLS users to SLAC management, so as to facilitate the availability and effective use of LCLS for the research community.

SSRL/LCLS Annual Users' Meeting

Each year the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory welcomes users to the joint users' meeting of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) and the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). This annual meeting is a unique opportunity to gather together the light source community in a single scientific event with talks and presentations by leading scientists, poster sessions, and parallel workshops. Learn about current/future facility capabilities and the latest user research, and discuss science with colleagues from academia, research laboratories, and industrial partners worldwide.

SSRL/LCLS Annual Users' Conference & Workshops, Sept. 24-29, 2023

Visit past users' conference programs (2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 20192018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014) and read past summaries (2021, 2020, 20192018, 2017, 2016,  2015).

LCLS Users' Organization Executive Committee

The LCLS Users' Executive Committee (LCLS UEC) is the formal organizational unit of the LCLS UO. LCLS UEC members are elected by the members of the LCLS user community. The UEC communicates the needs and desires of users regarding LCLS operating policies, use of LCLS, user support, and other relevant issues of concern to those engaged in research at this facility.

Download LCLS Users' Organization Charter and By-laws

LCLS UEC members serve a three-year term, beginning and ending in October when the annual elections are held. The person elected UEC Chair is asked to serve on the committee for two additional years to facilitate continuity of LCLS UEC activities.

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Current LCLS UEC Members for 2022-2023

Name Institution Discipline
Matteo Mitrano Harvard University
Materials Science - Hard Condensed Matter (HCM)
Nicholas Hartley SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (HEDS)
LCLS UEC Vice Chair
Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC)
Elisa Biasin Pacific Northwest National Laboratory / SLAC
LCLS UEC Past Chair (2022)
Chemistry, Soft Condensed Matter & Disordered Materials (CSD)
Emma McBride Queen’s University Belfast
LCLS UEC Past Chair (2021)
Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC)
Uwe Bergmann University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry, Soft Condensed Matter & Disordered Materials (CSD)
Yue Cao Argonne National Laboratory Materials Science - Hard Condensed Matter (HCM)
Gilles Doumy Argonne National Laboratory Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science (AMO)
Margaret Doyle Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Student Representative
Tais Gorkhover University of Hamburg Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science (AMO)
Agostino Marinelli SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Accelerator/FEL) Methods, Instrumentation, and XFEL Source Capabilities (M&I)
Dominik Oberthür DESY Biology (BIO)
Natalia Powers-Riggs SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (PULSE) PostDoc Representative
Chitra Rajendran Universität Regensburg Biology (BIO)
Daniel Rolles Kansas State University Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science (AMO)
Marius Schmidt University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Biology (BIO)
Sam Teitelbaum Arizona State University Chemistry, Soft Condensed Matter & Disordered Materials (CSD)
Mariano Trigo SLAC/Stanford (SIMES) Materials Science - Hard Condensed Matter (HCM)
G. Jackson Williams Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC)
Blaine Mooers University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center SSRL UEC Chair
(Ex Officio)
Leilani Conradson LCLS User Services Manager LCLS UEC Liaison
(Ex Officio)
Cathy Knotts SSRL User Services Manager SSRL UEC Liaison
(Ex Officio)

Meeting Schedule and Notes/Downloads

Archived meeting notes can be accessed here