LCLS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The role of the LCLS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is to advise the LCLS Director on issues relating to the operation and development of LCLS as a preeminent scientific user facility. The scope of the SAC is the entire LCLS facility, covering all aspects of accelerator and FEL systems, instruments, detectors, data systems, support capabilities, and science programs.

The SAC has a broad remit to comment on any aspect of LCLS, including:

  • The scientific direction and strategic plans of LCLS;
  • The planning and delivery of major upgrades to the facility;
  • Options, priorities and facility-wide balance of the introduction of new capabilities (and/or the retirement of older capabilities), as driven by the current and future needs of the user program;
  • Options and priorities for scientific and technical development programs driven by LCLS management on behalf of the user community;
  • Long-term R&D activities;
  • The performance, scientific output, and future plans of the LCLS instruments;
  • The quality of in-house science projects, driven by the LCLS instrument scientists;
  • The positioning of LCLS with respect to the domestic and international landscape of related science facilities;
  • Topical issues raised by the LCLS Director. 

Membership and Meetings

The SAC consists of 12 to 15 regular members, including a Chairperson. In addition there will be up to 2 ex officio members: the chair of the Users’ Executive Committee (UEC) and, when applicable, the retired SAC Chairperson.

The SAC members and Chairperson are appointed by the LCLS Director, and will cover a suitable breadth of scientific and technical areas of competence. Appointments are for a nominal term of 3 years, renewable by mutual consent for up to 1 additional term.

The SAC shall meet every 6 months (April and October). The agenda and charge for each meeting will be based on specific topics and questions posed by the LCLS Director in close coordination with the SAC Chairperson.

At the conclusion of each meeting, the SAC Chairperson will address this charge orally in a close-out session, with a formal written response to be sent to the LCLS Director within a month.

The Chairperson shall manage conflicts of interest on the committee, with recourse to the LCLS Director as required. At all times, the SAC shall maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Current List of Members

Name Home Institution Notes
Philippe Wernet Uppsala University SAC Chair
Markus Guehr Postdam University Ex-Officio, previous SAC Chair
Matteo Mitrano Harvard University Ex-Officio, UEC
Dana Dattelbaum LANL  
Winni Decking DESY  
Reinhard Doerner Goethe University Frankfurt  
Luca Gianessi Elettra  
Stephanie Hansen Sandia Lab  
Steve Johnson PSI  
Keith Nelson MIT  
Arwen Pearson CFEL  
Nina Rohringer University of Hamburg  
Roseanne Sension University of Michigan  
Oleg Shpyrko UCSD