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Cold Box Installation

First LCLS-II Cold Box Installed at SLAC

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  • 03/10/2020

    Terahertz radiation technique opens a new door for studying atomic behavior

  • 03/09/2020

    Carve Out a Niche with Interactive Human Holograms

  • 02/06/2020

    How iron carbenes store energy from sunlight -- and why they aren't better at it

  • 02/02/2020

    Research team finds possible new approach for sleeping sickness drugs

  • 01/09/2020

    Scientists Observe Ultrafast Birth of Radicals – Glimpsing Some of the Fastest Chemical Reactions Ever Observed

  • 12/02/2019

    SLAC scientists invent a way to see attosecond electron motions with an X-ray laser

  • 11/11/2019

    Previously Unseen Phase of Matter Produced by Ultrafast Laser Pulses

  • 10/13/2019

    Biophysicists Study Molecular Effects of Asthma Drugs

  • 09/23/2019

    How molecular footballs burst in an x-ray laser beam

  • 09/18/2019

    Checking in with the Brightest Light Initiative