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Cold Box Installation

First LCLS-II Cold Box Installed at SLAC

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  • 07/16/2021

    Scientists take the first snapshots of atoms moving inside a quantum electronic device

  • 05/13/2021

    Advancing particle accelerator technology: power and precision

  • 05/05/2021

    Detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule's structure

  • 04/25/2021

    Little Swirling Mysteries: Dynamics of Ultrasmall, Ultrafast Groups of Atoms Uncovered

  • 02/05/2021

    How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas? Tips From Methane-Eating Microbes

  • 01/29/2021

    Attosecond streaking clocks the ultrafast emission of Auger electrons

  • 12/04/2020

    Designing a Green Accelerator

  • 12/01/2020

    Laser-driven 'chirp' powers high-resolution materials imaging

  • 11/20/2020

    Accelerator Makes Cross-Country Trek To Enable Laser Upgrade

  • 11/19/2020

    Researchers Prove Water Has Multiple Liquid States With Noticeably Different Properties