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Cold Box Installation

First LCLS-II Cold Box Installed at SLAC

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  • 05/17/2019

    Researchers have produced a record-shattering underwater sound with an intensity that eclipses that of a rocket launch

  • 04/24/2019

    The Key to a Good Night’s Sleep: A Step Towards New Sleep Disorder Treatments

  • 04/23/2019

    Watching molecules split in real time

  • 04/19/2019

    Here’s how lasers make zapped magnets become fluid-like

  • 04/15/2019

    Watch your atoms: 2D X-ray laser probe

  • 04/15/2019

    SLAC's high-speed 'electron camera' films molecular movie in HD

  • 04/02/2019

    Space’s Deepest Secrets: Alien Hell Storms

  • 04/02/2019

    FY20 budget request: DOE Office of Science

  • 03/14/2019

    Researchers use SLAC instrument to learn what happens to silicon under intense pressure

  • 03/11/2019

    A new way to watch atoms move in a single atomic sheet