LCLS Detector Advisory Committee (LDAC)

The role of the LCLS Detector Advisory Committee (LDAC) is to advise the LCLS top management on issues relating to the development, management and operational support for complex X-ray detector systems used at the LCLS facility. LDAC's purview includes intramural detector development efforts, commercial detector purchases, and collaborations with other institutions. LCLS management often requests advice on specific current projects, as well as more general advice on future plans.

LDAC Charter

LDAC generally consists of 7 members, including a chairperson and vice chairperson. Each member is appointed by the LCLS Director for a two-year term, which can be renewed.

The LDAC meets at SLAC at least once per year, with meeting dates determined far in advance.  Each meeting agenda is based on specific topics and questions established in advance of the meeting by the head of the LCLS Detector Department, in close coordination with the LDAC chairperson and other SLAC management.  The advice of the LDAC is conveyed to LCLS management at the end of each meeting and documented in a short written communication, which is sent to the head of the LCLS Detector Department with a copy to the LCLS Director.

Current LDAC Committee

  • Miceli, Antonio (ANL) - Chair
  • Hatsui, Takaki (RIKEN) - Co-chair
  • Fajardo, Pablo (ESRF)
  • Porro Matteo (Eu-XFEL)
  • Suntharalingam, Vyshnavi (MIT-LL)
  • Lee, Peter (DOE) - Observer

LCLS LDAC Contacts/Liaison