Special Call for LCLS Scientific Campaign Proposals through July 22, 2019

By achan
June 28, 2019

Special Call for LCLS Scientific Campaign Proposals

Beginning with Run 18 (beamtime starting in March 2020), LCLS is introducing a new access channel, “Scientific Campaign Proposals” that represents an augmentation of the regular Proposal Review Panel (PRP) proposal process (now referred to as “Regular Proposals”). The call for regular proposals will be issued separately in July.

We are soliciting Letter of Interest (LOI) through July 22, 2019. The full timeline for proposals can be found on the website listed above.

Scientific Campaigns are a mechanism to support more extensive research “programs” or campaigns, requiring a series of beamtimes, and targeting specific areas of science where there is great potential scientific impact from some unique capabilities of LCLS. Scientific campaigns are expected to be proposed and conducted by a comprehensive research team of experts (e.g. synthesis, experiment, theory etc.). The scientific scope and impact of the proposed research should be well above a Regular Proposal.

Close partnership with the LCLS facility as evidenced by strong involvement of LCLS/SLAC staff is required for successful Scientific Campaign proposals.

Only a very small number of campaign proposals will be able to be accepted, consistent with <10% of the available beamtime.

Run 18 Scientific Campaign Target Area
For the Run 18 call for Scientific Campaigns, LCLS is seeking proposals in the area of Structural Dynamics in Complex Matter making use of the new LCLS capability to produce >15 keV X-rays.
See full details.

Letter of Interest (LOI)
Submission of a Scientific Campaign proposal requires advanced submission approval from the LCLS Director - based on a brief Letter Of Interest (LOI) to be followed by further discussion with LCLS staff. Scientific Campaign proposals are to be submitted to the User Portal.

Letter of interest submission

LCLS Contact Information
Discussions with LCLS/SLAC staff should be initiated by contacting the LCLS Hard X-ray Department Head: Sebastien Boutet ( sboutet@slac.stanford.edu ).