Laser Research & Development

High-power Laser Systems

Research efforts and facility upgrades are driving continued improvement in high energy laser systems. This includes high power OPCPA/OPA and direct compression of fs and ps laser sources. Support is also directed to further development of the laser injector system for the FEL. Higher power laser systems has close coordinate with Matter in Extreme Conditions.

See MEC-U and OPCPA development for information on a couple of specific projects.

Mid-infrared and Terahertz Sources

The THz frequency range spans the gap between microwaves and the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. At LCLS we use laser-based methods to generat strong THz and mid-IR sources to control properties of complex materials on a sub-picosecond time scale. One area of focus is the development of a tabletop THz source using difference frequency generation, optical rectification and various other techniques. Techniques for the application of these THz and mid-IR sources in experiments are ongoing.

Coordination with the MAT Dept helps drive the research interests for mid-IR and THz sources and applications.