Laser Research & Development

High-power Laser Systems

Research efforts and facility upgrades are driving continued improvement in high power laser systems. This includes both high-energy and high-peak power laser delivery. These efforts focus on optimized pulse delivery via improved optics design, improved pulse characterization, and pulse shape manipulation.  Higher power laser systems will allow for scientific research of matter in more extreme conditions.

See MEC-U and OPCPA development for information on a couple of specific projects.

Mid-infrared and Terahertz Sources

The THz frequency range spans the gap between microwaves and the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. At LCLS we can use strong THz and Mid-IR sources to control properties of complex materials on a sub-picosecond time scale. Development of a tabletop THz source is part of the main research drive. This project is also looking into how to effectively transmit THz pulses over long distances without distorting the pulse shaping, mainly using relay imaging.

THz radiation allows for the study of light-matter dynamics of matter mostly interested to the materials science community. Phonons are usually the main phenomenon of interest.