LCLS Laser Capabilities​

Experimental Laser Operations

The LST division supports laser systems in experimental end stations during the course of LCLS runs. These systems undergo configuration changes for every beam time with parameters often changing during the experiment itself. To meet these requirements, LST scientists safely manage and maintain a diverse set of commercial and specialty lasers.​

laser capabilities

Pump-Probe Experiments

Many pump-probe experiments utilize an LST laser as a drive. After the laser produces a transient state, X-rays probe the sample at various time delays to resolve the dynamics.

Injector Laser Operations

Fundamental to the Linac Coherent Light Source is the Injector Laser system, which provides ultrashort pulses of UV light to produce ultrashort electron bunches from the Cu cathode. The LST is responsible for the operation of the LCLS Photo-Injector lasers - two identical systems available 24/7. Below is a schematic of the layout of the two systems in the injector laser lab.

For detail capabilities of the LCLS optical laser systems, please read the following article: