TSI Aerosol Generation & Particle Classifier System (DMA)

TSI Aerosol Generation & Particle Classifier System (DMA)

An aerosol generated using either a nebulizer or an electrospray ionization source is passed through a differential mobility analyzer (DMA) which seperates ions according to their electrical mobility. Following separation the particles are directed into a growth chamber where they are exposed to elecated vapor pressure resulting in condensation of the particles. The condensed particles are then detected by an optical detector after illumination by a laser.

3480 Electrospray Aerosol Generator

3080 Electrostatic Classifier

3788 Nano Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter


Equipment Type: 
Sample Analysis

Locations (lab / building / room)

Locations (lab / building / room): 
  • Biolabs at ASC
  • 057 (building)
  • 2120
Responsible Person: 
Raymond Sierra
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Christopher Kupitz

LCLS Lab Manager
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Marc Weibel

LCLS Safety Officer
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Brandon Hayes

LCLS Science and Engineering Associate
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Cell: (408) 660-7419

Maithri Kashipathy

Project Scientist
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