Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Primo™ Centrifuge

Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Primo™ Centrifuge

Capacity: 400mL (4 × 100mL)
Touch keypad microprocessor control (EASYcontrol II)
Digital display that shows all run parameters
Variable speed/RCF/time control
QUICK RUN key for short spins
Choice of two acceleration and nine braking curves for sensitive samples
Memory that retains current settings
Accept tubes from 0.2 to 100mL with optional rotor/adapter combinations

Equipment Type: 

Locations (lab / building / room)

Locations (lab / building / room): 
  • Biolabs at ASC
  • 057 (building)
  • 2110
Responsible Person: 
Christopher Kuptiz
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Contact Information

Christopher Kupitz

LCLS Lab Manager
Office: (650) 926-5408

Marc Weibel

LCLS Safety Officer
(650) 926-4264

Brandon Hayes

LCLS Science and Engineering Associate
Office: (650) 926-2995
Cell: (408) 660-7419

Maithri Kashipathy

Project Scientist
Office: (650) 926-2391