PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System

PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System

Plasma Current: 0-30 mA
HV Power supply: 30W Continuous Rating
Glow Discharge Head Polarity: User Selectable positive or negative
Process Platform: Ø75mm with recess for 25 x 75mm slide
Glow Discharge Platform Height Control: 1-25 mm
Preprocess Hold Timer: 0-14411 sec.
Process Timer: 0-900 sec.
Chamber Size: Ø120 x 100mm H with sealed Delrin® top plate (inside Ø106 x 90mm)

Equipment Type: 

Locations (lab / building / room)

Locations (lab / building / room): 
  • Biolabs at ASC
  • 057 (building)
  • 2110
Responsible Person: 
Cornelius Gati
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Contact Information

Christopher Kupitz

LCLS Lab Manager
Office: (650) 926-5408

Marc Weibel

LCLS Safety Officer
(650) 926-4264

Brandon Hayes

LCLS Science and Engineering Associate
Office: (650) 926-2995
Cell: (408) 660-7419

Maithri Kashipathy

Project Scientist
Office: (650) 926-2391