2017 LCLS Summer Student Poster Session

Welcome to the LCLS Summer Student Posters Session. The posters on this page are projects undertaken by the summer students with an LCLS mentor for up to twelve weeks.

2017 Summer Poster Session winners

A list of all student posters

Posters Download   / Student Name Poster Title
Ben Sims Attosecond XUV Laser Source for LCLS Science
Cristina Garcia Data Analysis at LCLS
Emma Niven Effects of Wrapping Vacuum Chambers for Bake Outs
Gexsy Nava HXRSD Helium Enclosure Purity and Components
Hayden Blair LCLS-2 Data Formatting
Jenna Hoover Thyratron Ranging
Joseph Kaiser Hutch 4 (XCS) Laser System Commissioning
Katie Fotion Machine Learning for Data Interpretability and Visualization Solutions
Martina Richeldi Observation of a terahertz laser-induced Stark Effect in proteins
Utsab Khakurel Lossy compression on Crystallography images
Viet Tran Precious Cargo: Properly Insulating Protein Crystal for Shipping to LCLS
Onaopemipo Alagbe Repeatability Test of Attocube Piezo Stages
Jonathan Donkers Thermal Analysis for the Heat Distribution in Zerodur Disk Mirrors
Alexander Ody Matter in Extreme Conditions at LCLS:  EMP Analysis and FLASH Simulation
Charlotte Franc Monitoring Protein Crystal Reactions & Mixing Time in an Injector with UV-Visible Spectroscopy
Daniel Bucknell Scintillation Material Encapsulation Fixture
Eli Catalano Redesigning of The SED Calendars
Elizabeth Van Campen THz Lasers and S.C interactions
Nolan Brown Imager Fiducialization For Automatic Beam Alignment
Griffin Carter X-Ray Shielding
Will Hettel All-optical Pump-probe Experiments on YBCO and LBCO Crystals
Jiya Janowitz Analytical Solutions for Temperature Distribution in Blocks and Application for LCLS II Optics
Karthik Srivatsan Characterizing Optics with White-Light Interferometry
Maegan Gonzales IT Inventory and Optimization
Margaret Koulikova FEL Performance Plots
Megumi Tanaka Development of LCP and MESH Crystal Injectors
Miyuki Dougherty1 Science Writing Intern Poster (1 of 2)
Miyuki Dougherty Science Writing Intern Poster (2 of 2)
Ryan Dudschus Drift Analysis
Victor A. Nieto EASE:  Alert Management For Process Variables
Madhu Karra Data Analysis and Visualization at LCLS
Taryn Imamura Testing Resistive Element Adjustable Length (REAL) for LCLS II Mirror Thermal Deformation Control
Taryn Imamura1 Development of Calculator Code for Optimization of MFX Transfocator
Ian Roque Managing Diffraction Beam Data with an Offline Event Builder