Experimental Methods

NAMASTE Endstation

  • Strong field high rep-rate charged multi-hit / multi-particle spectroscopy (TOF, VMI)

  • High rep-rate charged multi-hit / multi-particle spectroscopy (TOF, VMI)

  • Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES)

  • X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) – Time resolved studies of transition edges of most elements

  • Stimulated X-ray Emission Spectroscopy

  • X-ray emission spectroscopy – HED type

DREAM Endstation

  • Dynamic Molecular Reaction Microscope – Event-by-event 3D-momentum resolution with coincident multi-particle detection

  • Electron and Ion TOF Spectroscopy – High energy resolution, single shot measurements

  • Coulomb Explosion Imaging – High resolution imaging of molecular structure

  • Velocity-Map & Momentum Imaging of Charged-Particle – Fast MCP based detectors


  • Optical Pump / X-ray Probe – And vise versa.

  • Soft X-ray Pump / X-ray Probe – Slotted foil, double of single bunch 2-pulse-2-color (2p2c) techniques

  • XLEAP - The sub femto second soft X-ray program is scalable to LCLS-II repetition rate