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Take a journey through the universe, from processes that take billions of years to chemical reactions that occur in a millionth of a billionth of a second—and faster!

Scales of Time

Operating Range of LCLS - Unlocking the World of the Ultrasmall and the Ultrafast

Ultrafast science

Data Management at LCLS

Data management at LCLS

Fact Sheets (Click to Download PDFs)

LCLS Fact Sheet

LCLS Fact Sheet

LCLS-II Fact Sheet

LCLS-II Fact Sheet


Science Highlight - A First Dip Into Water’s "No Man’s Land"

Fact Sheet - Water

Science Highlight - Exploring "Warm Dense Matter" at Cores of Giant Planets

Fact sheet - warm dense matter


LCLS: A Powerful Tool for Materials Research and Life Sciences

LCLS Life Sciences and Material Research