The pnCCD is often used for soft X-ray applications. A 75 μm pixel resolution and a large active sensor area mounted on a servo-motor allows for flexibility in the cross section that it covers. The top and bottom halves of the front pnCCD can move independently (vertically) of each other, allowing each to cover a different kinematic region.

The pnCCD detector is used primarily in the AMO hutch. Two detectors front (upstream) and back (downstream) are available for use. The front detectors are on a servo-motor, allowing for the two vertical halves of the detectors to move in all 3 directions. This allows greater flexibility to users in choosing their kinematic regime of interest.


​Number of pixels ​2 x (1024 x 512)
​Pixel size (μm) 75
Max signal (1 keV photons equivalent) 6000
Gain Range 1/256 to 1
​Frame rate (Hz) ​120

Other Specs:

  • When installed, the top half of the front pnCCD is approximately 5mm upstream of the bottom half.
  • There are 4 ASICs on either side of a single pnCCD plane (for a total of 8 per plane).
  • Dynamic range as well as Z position w.r.t interaction point may vary depending on in-chamber setup. Top and Bottom planes of front pnCCDs move independently of each other vertically. Back pnCCD does not move.
  • A 300 nm thick polyimide filter is placed in front of the pnCCD to prevent sample debris from accumulating on the sensors.

System Information

  • Cooling: Sumitomo HC-8E Compressor with a CH-104 Coldhead
  • Power: Rohde Schwartz NGPS32 Dual Bipolar Power Source
  • Signal readout: Keithley 2400 Source Meter, Lakeshore 335 Temperature Controller

Analysis Tools

Offline Analysis Software:

  • ssh to
  • ssh to
  • /reg/g/pcds/dist/pds/ami-current/build/ami/bin/x86_64-linux-opt/offline_ami