Computer Accounts

All persons using SLAC computers or accounts are responsible for understanding and complying with the SLAC cyber security requirements.

Establish or Confirm Computer Accounts, Set Up & Access Electronic Logbook (eLog)

Obtaining LCLS Unix account and accessing LCLS experiment elogs to participate in proposal data collection and analysis is a multi-step process:

  1. The proposal spokesperson or their designee must identify collaborators who need a SLAC UNIX account when they submit their beam time support request (BTSR) through User Portal.
    (After the BTSR has been submitted, if changes are needed, then the spokesperson should directly contact
  2. LCLS users who need UNIX accounts must
    1. be registered in the User Portal
    2. have a System ID # (i.e., be listed as Active in the SLAC Directory)
  3. The LCLS users then log into the User Portal (See images below)
    1. Click the link  'LCLS Unix Account: none (more info)' from the Welcome page 
      computer account

    2. Click on the button 'Request LCLS Unix Account', and follow the instructions including reading and agreeing to the 'Use of SLAC Information Resources' agreement
      computer account

    3. Within 5 minutes, your temporary password should be e-mailed to you, please follow the instructions to set your password
    4. Take the Cybersecurity online training course  (instructions are in the e-mail you received on training)

      If you have any problems, please e-mail

      If you already have a Unix Account, then User Portal Welcome page will list your account name, and the date that the password is valid till (for problems with existing Unix accounts, please see troubleshooting below).

  4. When your UNIX account is created, it will be given permission to the experiment in Experiment Portal/eLog.
    (Permission in Experiment Portal/eLog is usually set up about a month before the experiment start date, using the UNIX accounts of the list of collaborators from the BTSR.  If you need access to the experiment earlier than that - or if you need access to a past experiment, please send e-mail to
  5. The experiment spokesperson, or his/her designees, can also add (or remove) users to the experiment group through the Experiment Portal/eLog.  Click on Manage -> POSIX Group under the Experiment tab.

Tips for Troubleshooting Problems with your Computer Account

  1. Change Unix password (including expired passwords):
  2. Reset password (if you don’t remember your password, during business hours e-mail (for off-hour emergencies,
  3. If you cannot see your experiment but can login to Experimental Portal Experiment Portal/eLog, contact your spokesperson (for off-hour emergencies,