Biolabs at the Arrillaga Science Center (ASC)

The LCLS Biolabs at the Arrillaga Science Center (ASC) are located on the second floor of Building 57. They serve all LCLS hutches and are available for final stage sample preparation but are primarily equipped for biosample preparation and manipulation. Due to space limitations, certain types of activities may be restricted and all access must be scheduled in advance. Lab orientation is required for access.

Access & Training

Photo: The Main Biology Laboratory is a BSL-2 laboratory space within the Biolabs suite

The Biolabs at the Arrillaga Science Center (ASC) have restricted access and training is required for entry. Sample Preparation Laboratory training, Course 204, must be completed annually. LCLS training sessions are by appointment only and meet in B57 Rm 2108. To make an appointment please contact your experimental POC and Christopher Kupitz. Please keep in mind that training slots are only available from 8am-2pm. LCLS training slots must be reserved in advance due to space limitations within the LCLS labs.