Linac Coherent Light Source
During its development, LCLS has drawn on the expertise of hundreds of scientists, engineers, and other professionals from laboratories, universities, and government facilities across the globe. The institutions listed here have each played a major role in the design and construction of the LCLS machine.
Menlo Park, CA
The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is homebase for the LCLS, which uses a portion of SLAC's existing two-mile long linear accelerator (linac) to create the beam of electrons used to generate X-ray laser light. The LCLS lengthens SLAC's linac by about half a mile.
Livermore, CA
Livermore is providing the X-ray transport system and beam diagnostics from the Front End Enclosure and into the Near Experimental Hall. These diagnostic detectors will help LCLS operators fine-tune the rest of the machine to ensure it produces laser light most efficiently.
Argonne, IL
Argonne National Laboratory has designed and created the undulator systems and related equipment, including the undulator stands, undulator magnets, quadrupole focusing magnets, vacuum chambers and diagnostic equipment within the Undulator Hall.