Linac Coherent Light Source
Coherent X-Ray Imaging Instrument Science
Coherent X-Ray Imaging Instrument - The ultimate goal of the CXI instrument is to perform imaging of single biological molecules as depicted in a simplistic manner in this movie. The single LCLS pulses travel to the CXI location in the Far Experimental Hall, where a simplified CXI instrument is shown, with a sample injector delivering single biomolecules to the LCLS beam. As we zoom in, we can see the molecules being hit by the LCLS beam, which destroys them, but not before the scattered X-rays are on their way to the detector, allowing a diffraction pattern from an undamaged molecule to be recorded. The individual diffraction patterns are recorded and stacked into the computer memory. Each image, coming from a different random orientation is then classified into bins corresponding to the orientation of the molecule. The different classes of orientations are averaged together and then the full 3D pattern is assembled. Once the 3D pattern is known, phase retrieval techniques allow the 3D atomic structure of the biomolecules to be deduced from the diffracted intensities alone.
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